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March 16, 2002

3/16/02, 11:11 pm

I read the New York Times magazine piece about Moby today. The article inspired me to expand my musical ventures. Maybe get a keyboard, Pro Tools, learn some theory, and expand my tool set beyond a dozen chords and some feeble guitar. I know I could spend years exclusively learning guitar, but I’m eager to try creating a fuller sound.

The article seemed to suggest that Moby has a blog, and sure enough, he does, within The problem is that it’s in a pop-up window, with no apparent URL to directly view his latest post (annoying combination of frames, javascript, and ASP. Anyway, I fumbled around with it and found a link that does what I want, shows me Moby’s latest post. I have to say, he’s not saying anything all that interesting, but then, I mostly don’t either, and it’s fun to see a platinum-selling pop star be normal, bare, and uninteresting, especially one that you see around town.

Speaking of music, I played “Bulletproof” (the new version revised based on Alec’s feedback) for my mom and sister tonight. It’s the song I’m most proud of so far. NYT magazine also has an interesting article by Kevin Kelly about the future of music. He has interesting things to say about music going the way of photography. Yes, there are plenty of professional photographers, but there are many more amateur photographers whose pictures have an audience consisting exclusively of their friends and family. As the tools of music creation, recording and distribution (i.e. the computer/internet) become widespread, music might go the same way, with many more people creating. I think that there’s a comparison here that can be made to blogging and professional writers/journalists, as well.

I slept away most of the day, had groceries delivered for free from a local natural foods store and had my laundry picked up by the local laundromat. In some ways this city is an excellent place to hurt your foot…

Then Mom, Mike and the girls arrived and we went to dinner at Caravan of Dreams. Lame service, mediocre food, and a menu that’s too expensive. But it has a nice granola-y atmosphere, they have all-natural desserts, and of course the company was great!

Mike told me about a book I want to borrow when he’s finished: Captain Zero.

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