Luke Melia


March 13, 2002

3/13/2002, 8:52 am

Anthony’s got a good picture of the towers of light from his roof.

I had dinner with Melissa and Kristin last night and asked them what they thought about the lights. “It says ‘movie premiere’ to me,” one said. I can see their point. It definitely looks cooler from Brooklyn then from downtown. I like it anyway.

I wrote a couple of sentences about it in the 5th Grade Travel Journal of a student from Buena Vista Elementary school. Brad passed this on to me, and I’m hoping to send it along to April in DC. It goes back to the student at the end of April. It’s designed as a tool for the kids to learn about geography. Each person makes an entry, talking about what’s special about the place where they live, what’s the climate like, what it’s known for, etc. I resisted the temptation to write, “My neighborhood is most known for lots of gay people living here.” Cool project, though!

Time for to get ready for work. Finally some time to code today, after three days of training.

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