Luke Melia


March 6, 2002

3/6/02, 2:44 am

Saw Alec play tonight in a band called The Flow at Village Underground. He’s an incredible guitarist. A joy to listen to. I really liked the band a lot, too.

Molly and I had a nice dinner at Zen Palate, which was a relaxing way to end a fairly grueling day at work. Maybe “grueling” is too hard of a word. After all, I still typed, talked to people, and looked at monitors just like any other day at the office. But I did more of it today and got more stressed out about it than usual.

What else? Channel 61 won 3 out of 3 last night. That was cool. Had to pull out a come-from-behinder in the third game, but we did it. Oh yeah, on the way to the show tonight, I gave a twenty to a guy from Texas who was trying to get a room in a hostel for the night. Was he for real? I think so. But it was a good exercise in generosity and material detachment either way…

Tell me a story in the morning
Play me a tune in the afternoon
Sing to me when I go to bed
Momma, momma, won’t you come home soon?

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