Luke Melia


February 10, 2002

2/10/2002, 1:05 am

Another great perl/guitar session with Alec today. Learning a lot about strumming and rhythm, developing my ear, learning a bit of music theory. It’s all so fascinating and exciting to me. I feel closer to music than I ever have before in my life, even when I was singing regularly in high school. My childhood piano lessons and high school voice lessons provide an interesting base of knowledge to expand on now.

I’m reading a book called Einstein in Love, and it’s painting an interesting picture of the interplay between Einstein’s efforts in music, friendship, physics and romance. He was apparently quite a debonair young man.

Friday night, I played volleyball at Brandeis with Ilio, Cher, Liz, Anthony and A.J. I tried setting for a while, and got a big rush out of it. You get to be involved in every play and it’s a great position for putting up blocks, too. My game was on Friday and I had a few kills that felt positively sublime.

After playing, we collected our free beers at Alligator Alley, a simple jukebox and pool table bar around the corner from the gym. On account of our position squarely in front of the restroom doors, we met a few odd folks. One couple drove in from Connecticut specifically to come to this bar. They seemed especially interested in meeting us, the “locals.” Another gent responded to a playful political question from A.J. with “oh, f*** you.” Quite entertaining.

I hadn’t seen A.J. in a few months, and we made it a late night going for a few beers and wandering discussions of songwriting, relationships, and the prospects of his move to Los Angeles. Yet another cliché proven true: ain’t easy making a living as an actor.

Caught up with Melissa, Carrie and Dan tonight for dinner. (related link: site about Dan’s poetry, built by Carrie) Grill-your-own-at-your-table style asian grub. Fun and communal, just like I’ve been looking for in New York. Also bought some CDs. The Dead, Dylan and David Gray.

Communal. Acoustic. Trusting. Open. Vivacious. Adjectivicous.

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