Luke Melia


February 8, 2002

2/8/02, 2:22 am

This will have to be a short entry. I had planned on playing a song or two on guitar, but ended up playing for two hours and now it’s past two in the morning. Good thing my apartment has thick walls!

The big news is that Channel 61 won two out of three games last night! They’re our first two wins on the season and we earned them. We also earned our loss in the second game last night, but that’s another story. Work is fine, not great but not bad, and the weekend is happily almost upon us again.

I’m researching flights to South America for Mom and I. Looks like the place to fly to is Lima, and the quotes I got back so far are for around $450 roundtrip. Not too bad. From Jessie’s emails, it sounds like it will be a great trip!

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