Luke Melia


February 5, 2002

2/5/2002, 2:01 am

The laundry’s still half-folded on the side of my bed. Two guitars are sitting on the couch. Sweaty gym clothes are hanging over the shower rod in the bathroom. The sink is stacked with dishes and the take-out containers from tonight’s dinner. The most appealing consumable substance in the fridge is a 6-pack of beer. It’s 2 am, I’ve spent the last two hours playing guitar instead of cleaning up.

That’s right. It’s a… [drum roll] Bachelor Evening!

Gotta have them once in a while. Not too many days in a row though, or a harmless Bachelor Evening can become a Slob Week, and then a Pitiful Life.

Life thankfully ain’t pitiful — but it is full: Work is getting busy. More meetings than desk time scheduled for tomorrow. This afternoon, I went to a talk by the CTO of LimeWire about developing P2P apps in Java. Played volleyball with Anthony at Chelsea Piers this evening. Sent email to two Representatives who are endangering the clean passage of Shays-Meehan (the campaign finance reform bill). I have a bio up at now (I’m a photojournalist! Who knew?). My freshly settled wanderlust is being stirred by my sister’s evocative electronic missives from Bolivia.

Davos on the Hudson is over and although it had no direct effect on me, it touched me in some way. A gathering like that with broad conversation on topics, problems and trends of international importance seems to me, all cynical views aside, like the ideal essence of the global community. I really would love to see us all get along.

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