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February 4, 2002

2/4/2002, 1:26 am

A good weekend. Brace yourself for the summary…

Played volleyball Friday night for a few hours and worked out on Saturday. Getting closer to that iPod. I’m 6.5% there. I really appreciate feeling very healthy, especially after being hung over one morning this week after a late night with Melissa and friends.

Saturday, I hung out in Brooklyn with Mary and Maria, playing a little pool in the sun-drenched backroom of a usually dark bar. A curious experience, but it was great to catch up with them and share stories from their new jobs (both are ex-Oxygenites) and my travels. Alec met up with us and he and I did another installment of our web development lessons for guitar lessons barter, and buttressed the session with two meals and great conversation ranging from music to friends to web hosting to our love lives. Great guy.

I’m learning two new Dead songs, “Uncle John’s Band” and “Jack Straw”, and am also training myself to figure out how to play songs by ear. “Think of your CD collection as a big songbook,” he said.

And Sunday I made a long list of to-dos and crossed most of them off. The plants are watered, the recycling taken to the basement, the laundry done (but not yet folded…arrg), and the guitar stands ordered, among other incredible earth-shattering accomplishments.

I ran into Molly and Zack at Whole Foods as we all were buying snacks for James’ Super Bowl party. Zack informed me who was playing, so I actually arrived at the party knowing the teams. I decided to root for the Patriots after I found out that they were the underdogs and they went up by a few touchdowns. Sure enough, they won it in the last seconds of the game. I must be a super-fan or something…

A few of my stories from my trip have been published on I’ve still got to provide them with photos and a bio.

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