Luke Melia


December 14, 2001

12/14/2001, 2:22 am

Here at my favorite blogging time, though I’d intended to go to bed an hour ago. The guitar calluses on my left hand were begging for more abuse and I couldn’t resist. Worked on Dave Matthews’ Christmas Song for a while, and then Angel From Montgomery and then cruised through my meager but growing repetoire.

Ten and half days till I’m on my way to JFK and getting on a big airplane. Seems like there must still be a lot to get done before I go, but I can’t really seem to think of much. It would be nice to figure out how I’m getting from Singapore to Laos. And putting an email list together for sending notes back from the road is a must. Should get some spirulina pills in case my “I only eat vegetables” only gets me noodles in Laos. Doing some laundry, so I have clean clothes to get dirty traveling. There’s still a bunch of stuff left to do at work, which is sort of daunting. It’s a fair price to pay for all the time I won’t be thinking about it, though.

I’ve really appreciated my friends lately. Partially because I’m leaving, partially because of recent emotional turblence, but mostly because they’re such loving, passionate people.

On that note, I’m going to take the pick out of my mouth, put my guitar away and sleep. Good night, New York. Good morning, Bangkok.

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