Luke Melia


December 5, 2001

12/5/2001, 2:14 am

Listening to christmas carols without a hat or glove in sight. Odd, but nice. Jess and I saw a few NYU groups perform, including the NYU Gospel Choir, whose concert is this Thursday at 6:30ish. I highly recommend it. Great energy, great soloists. Wow.

Met up with Carrie and Joyce after and had a cheap dinner at Dojo’s and then drinks after (o.j. & club soda for me) at a place called Swift, which had groovy live Irish music.

A funny moment: Couple approaches me on the street near NYU. Very kind looking foreign gentleman says, “Excuse me, do you know which way we go to see the Washington Monument?” I started to expain to him that it was in Washington, DC, which was quite a distance away. Turns out he was looking for the arch in Washington Square Park…

Earlier in the day, I returned the elastic ankle support bracelet which I accidentally shoplifted from Bigelow’s. I expected some sort of exciting or threatening comment upon returning it, but all I got was a “I like your hair.” So much for my criminal career…

Hmm… that was quite an out-of-order blog entry. How to finish it? How about…

I woke up smiling.

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