Luke Melia


December 4, 2001

12/4/2001, 2:22 am

I walk. Sans crutches. Just me and my elastic ankle support hoofing it down the sidewalk. Mobility has never felt so good.

Talked with Art about a web project. Should be some interesting work. PHP, mysql, some apache stuff. He’s getting me a cabin on his annual Carribean cruise next fall in exchange. Don’t think I’ll have the vacation time left by then, but I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Had an expedition to Whole Foods and cooked a wonderful macro dinner with Meeta (brown rice, tofu teriyaki, salad). She gave me a beautiful journal to to take on my trip that I hope to fill with compelling thoughts and mind-bending observations.

Chatted with Brad McG. a bit. Brad and his buddy Ken are doing a cool project that sort of reminds me of Anthony’s topic project thing. In Brad’s, a website (can’t find the one he mentioned) posts a song title, and you have to write a song with that title and send it in. The winner gets the adoration of the masses.

Speaking of songwriting, I worked some more on “Show Me.” I’m sure I’ll look back on it some time from now and realize how lame it is, but for now, I think it’s nifty. Here’s the current version’s chords and lyrics.

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