Luke Melia


November 17, 2001

11/17/2001, 1:00 pm

There was just a big car accident outside of my apartment. A car and a van hit in the intersection and the van ended up on it’s side in front of my building. I called 911, and I’m sure others did too. Police and fire personnel were on the scene within minutes. Thankfully, before they even got there, people emerged in one piece from both vehicles, with some passersby helping three guys climb out of the van vertically from the driver’s side window. After a couple of minutes, one of the guys was trying to climb back into the van, a move people tried to prevent until he explained that he wanted to shut off the engine. Yeah. Good idea. Anyway, the FDNY & NYPD worked efficiently, spreading an anti-fire agent (sand? — Rich calls it “dry sand”, an absorptive compound) on the leaking gasoline, hooking up chains to the van and righting it. As of now, the van (it says “Rent A Van” on the side) is still there, guarded by a lone cop car, and traffic is back to normal. Glad no one was hurt badly. It makes it easier to be impressed with how everyone handled it.

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