Luke Melia


November 15, 2001

11/15/2001, 9:15 am

It’s for real. I booked my tickets to Southeast Asia. Flying into Singapore and out of Bangkok. I’ll be backpacking for nearly a month. I am so stoked.

Backpacking sites have come a long way since the last time I traveled. I’ve been spending time on PassPlanet,, and of course, the Lonely Planet planning my trip. Right now, I think I’m going to do a week solo in Laos and then meet up with Elbert for two weeks in Thailand.

Melissa took me shopping last night at Whole Foods. It was fun. She wheeled a big cart around while I swung about on my crutches throwing stuff into the cart. Got lots of stuff. Then had it delivered. Gratitude to Achi and to Whole Foods.

Had a nice talk with Jessica last night. She got into her study abroad program in Bolivia for the spring. Very exciting. Our talk rambled far and near from relationship topics to imagining our parents still together and in love in the macrobiotic hippie days of the Boston 1960s. I couldn’t picture it at first, but Jessie painted a nice picture and some images crystallized. She’s a sweetheart.

Got to get ready for work. Another busy day ahead. Not going to stop until I leave for vacation, I suspect. You have a good day, now, you hear? Live with passion!

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