Luke Melia


November 13, 2001

11/13/2001, 10:45 am

x-ray of my right footWent to the the podiatrist yesterday. Really nice guy. He used to play a lot of volleyball, so he couuld relate to my injury. He checked my x-rays, couldn’t find anything on them, but said that it’s pretty likely a minor fracture. Then he griped to me about the healthcare system, how patients don’t take enough personal responsibility for their health, wrapped my foot up and told me to stay off it. Looks like I’ll be fine for Thailand and may even make it back for volleyball this season.

Whoops, interrupted. Laundry delivery. Weird… reminds me of the dhobi in Bangalore.

Anyway, I did great at the doctor again yesterday. A little nervous and jittery, but never too close to woozy. This is great!

More guitar, lots of work, showering with a bag on my right foot. Dinner with Lisa tonight at Spice. Can’t wait to find out what she’s up to and where she’ll be heading next!

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