Luke Melia


November 7, 2001

11/7/2001, 11:19 pm

My foot hurts. It’s a bit swollen too. Don’t think it’s broken. Though I thought I heard something snap when I stepped on my second foot of the night. The ice pak is definitely helping.

The site of the injury was a volleyball court on the upper west side. I was an outside hitter/blocker in the front right position on the court. The other team’s setter put a ball up tight, and although I could tell it wasn’t coming over, I decided to jump up as if it was, hoping to trick/intimidate their hitter into screwing up. It worked, but in the aftermath the hitter crossed partially under the net and I landed right on his foot, twisting my own as landed.

I know what you’re wondering…. We won the game.

OK, maybe that’s not what you were wondering, but anyway, we did. We lost the following two, which was frustrating because they were acting like brats, complaining to the ref about him missing calls. I played midway through the second game, but then accidentally stepped on Jeanhee’s foot going for a ball. Normally, that sort of interaction is no problem, but it put my already injured foot over the edge, and I had to watch the rest of the match from the bench. The remaining team of four hustled, but our bratty opponents had good enough skills to take advantage of the open spots on the court.

My foot better heal by next week’s game. Hear that, foot? Heal!

A few other interesting tidbits to share…

Bagus’ brother placed thirteenth in the hand-pushed wheelchair class of the New York City Marathon. Woo hoo!

Saw the latest Coen brothers flick last night. Definitely recommended. Those guys just nail exactly what they’re trying to do on the silver screen. Afterwards, had a few drinks with Ant, Rich, and Liz. Got sappy and told them how glad I was that they all moved to New York. They smiled and then we went back to trying to figure out what our joint secret super power was. Don’t ask, I don’t quite understand either and I was there.

I’m feeling better about work lately and more part of the tech team. I had felt sort of solo for a while, and I think that was magnified by my having a separate group to manage. I feel like there’s more of a sense of unity and solidarity among everyone in the online group these days. Getting to write and demo some java code helps stimulate my brain cells, too.

April will be in town Friday. Hopefully we’ll have lunch. I especially enjoy chances to catch up with her these days.

It’s Ilio’s birthday this weekend, too, which should be a reasonably raucous time.

I should probably elevate my foot again. Heal, foot!

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