Luke Melia


November 6, 2001

11/6/2001, 3:15 am

Stayed up late last night working on the “Where is it?” section of Learned some stuff about Flash in the process. Wish that project would move along a bit faster though.

Anyway, as a result of the late night, I awoke at 9:50 am and had to double-time through my morning and get over to the office. Lots of meetings today, and a nice lunch with Matt and Anthony at Spice. (Have I mentioned that I love that place?) After work, I had a few drinks with Sharleen, the head of my division, as well as James and Bagus. It was fun and topics were wide-ranging around the general area of interactive media. With two madras’ inside me, I went home, had some soup and changed for volleyball. Missed most of the clinic but caught the tail end, and played some 3-on-3 and 2-on-2 pickup. At home, I read some, finished the Great Gatsby, and then played guitar until my fingers hurt, and the played about 30 minutes more.

It’s late as heck and I’ll probably have issues getting out of bed again in the morning, but it was a fun, wholesome evening and I’ll curl up for sleep smiling.

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