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November 2, 2001

11/2/2001, 1:54 am


I watched the game tonight at Bubby’s down in TriBeCa, where I used to bus tables as a teenager. I had dinner and drinks there with Melissa, Carrie, and company, and we decided to stay and watch the end of the game. After Brosius homered with two down in the ninth to tie it, there really was no other choice.

Earlier in the evening, I went to see Waking Life. It was a bit disappointing. The rotoscoped animation under Art Director Bob Sabiston is amazing, and it’s super cool to see simple animation feel so human. Director Richard Linklater opted for philosphy instead of a narrative, though, and that was probably what got me dozing halfway through. (That and waking up at 6:30 to play tennis this morning…) I suspect that Linklater was trying to find a communication style that fit the artistic medium. Sometimes, though, telling a story is the thing to do. It usually is in feature-length films.

So, about the tennis. I accepted an invite from a coworker, Shannon, to play tennis this morning at East River Park. I woke up early (it was good motivation to get to bed early last night) and did a combination of skating and bus-riding to get over there. (Have I mentioned how much I *love* my new skates?) It was a beautiful morning and great to be outside exercising. Definitely want to do it again.

Last night, I watched a very talented volleyball coach teach Jeanhee’s team how to improve their game. He was pretty amazing. Incredible control of the ball — he was able to put it anywhere he wanted with bumps, sets, serves or spikes. Afterwards, I played for a while with Jeanhee and her teammates on the hard court and then sand doubles. It was a blast.

Other things on my mind: Java, Dynamo, Thailand, expanding my two-week vacation to three, being single, cooking, family, rent.

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