Luke Melia


October 2, 2001

10/2/01, way too late. Again.

10/2/01, way too late. Again.

A day without meetings is a nice day. I got my head into code today and got some neat stuff done. Data::Dumper sounds funny but is a really cool perl module. Great for debugging complicated data structures and hashrefs.

Unfortunately, the reason for the lack of meetings is that my managers right up the chain are involved in ye olde budget meetings, which seem to be a source of dread in this dry economic climate. Glad to see that my team is keepng their head in their work. We’re really close to releasing some cool stuff.

Volleyball tonight felt fantastic. At one point, I screwed up three hits in a row. A few minutes later, I realized: when’s the last time we were able to set up three hits in a row?! Good stuff. Jon Williams is a scrappy player with beach skills that will translate indoors over time. He’ll be a nice addition to the team if he can make enough games and come for beer on occasion.

I’ve been thinking a bit about how personal I want to get in this blog. There’s stuff I wouldn’t mind writing down, but I worry that it might hurt people or make them feel uncomfortable. I think I’ll skirt the issue for now…

Driving to Canada this weekend with Dad and Will for Uncle Steve’s wedding. Looking forward to getting far away from New York City for a few days. I love it and all, but… I’ll love it more after a short break.

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