Luke Melia


September 24, 2001

9/23/01 11:34 pm

I thought it might be interesting to have a record of what I’m reading right now. Here it is, in no particular order…

Harry Potter (the first one), Essential System Administration, Silicon Alley Reporter (and their daily edition), The New York Times, Information Week, Web Techniques, Slashdot (and lots of links off there), CNN, The Times of India, Anthony’s Core Dump, The Economist, Salon, MacCentral, Dave Winer’s Scripting News (and more links), Wired, Network Marketing Lifestyles, Declan McCullagh’s politech list, the free-sklyarov list, the ny fair use list, the wtcattack list, various sites about CSS mostly found through articles on A List Apart, interesting stuff that Michael Mathews forwards me, my oxygen email, my email. Recently finished No Logo as well as Motherless Brooklyn and the first book of Lord of the Rings.

Noticeably missing right now: good fiction (no, Harry Potter doesn’t count), a personal development book.

Interesting to note that I now read more online (web and mail) than I do printed materials.

Dream day that includes time to read paper books: wake up at seven o’clock in the morning, well-rested after a good night’s sleep. Go to the gym, work out until 8:30. Shower, shave, get dressed. Breakfast and a book until 9:45. Head to work. Biggest obstacle to having that day: getting to sleep early enough.

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