Luke Melia


September 23, 2001

9/23/01, 11:11 pm

Went to see “Kiss Me Kate” on Broadway last night. It was a lot of fun.

I was in the production in high school and it was a trip remembering performing with Joe, Deidre, Amie, and the rest of the gang (especially the Too Darn Hot rehearsals with Kim Harpell that turned into a teenage romance!)

Meeta had offered to take me to dinner for my birthday (a generous gesture in general in NY, but even more so for an unemployed person), but before we finalized plans, I received a forwarded email from cast member of a Broadway show that was closing due to non-existent advance ticket sales. Apparently, since 9/11, no one is buying tickets.

So I suggested that we go to a show instead of dinner and support the theater, even though Broadway shows aren’t usually my cup of tea. I skated up to the theater district on Saturday, gawked at a ridiculous line at tkts, hit a side street and saw the signs for “Kiss Me Kate” outside the Martin Beck Theater on 45th Street. I rolled up to the box office window and bought a pair of tickets at full price.

We got dressed up and enjoyed the show a lot. I’ve been humming show tunes since then.

I was glad that we went, and glad to support theater right now. And tonight I saw a New York Times piece that made me even happier about it: Pay Cut Saves `Kiss Me, Kate’.

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